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Moving: Leaving the Condo

Instagram - New year new year new year!

All of my life is now reduced to three suitcases and and two storage bins. Next week, I leave for Hiroshima, Japan to be with my amazingly wonderful, smart, fun, talented, wife. How did this come to be? I think that's a question that will need to be answered in time.

It took me a long time to come to a point to even consider marrying anyone. But, once I was ready, and I knew what I wanted in a partner, suddenly there she was.

Now, I'm not a romantic guy by nature. But, the romance hit me, anyway. Like a stack of bricks. My radius for dating was no more than 10 miles away. Any more than that, and they were geopgraphically undesireable. Now, I'm married to this brilliant Japanes woman who lives 6,000 miles away. And all I can think about right now is being with her.

My condo is being rented out while I live in Japan. So, all my furniture needed to go. I did the storage thing once when I went into the Air Force. I came back to dusty remnants of my past that I no longer cared about. On this trip, I think it's best to go "Clean Slate" and start fresh with my wife.

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